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Disk Recovery Tool - User Comments

  • 2003/06/10 - Pedro Navarro - Canary Islands, Spain

    After a hard disk failure on a RAID 0 configuration under Windows XP I though my 180 gb of data were gone forever. Windows could not mount the volume because a member was missing, and there I had very valuable information (all my work, home videos, documents, email...).

    After trying several utilities with no satisfactory results, I found File Scavenger and tried the dead volume options. I almost shed tears of joy when I saw all my files appear.

    You guys deserve the best, I have no words to express my gratitude for everything File Scavenger has done for me. Not only I got most of my data back, but I had to pay only $40.

    Thank you. Thank you

  • 2003/06/07 - Mario Slack

    Thanks, this is working great now, I guess I must have been checking the wrong disk when doing the volume search. This program is great, it should be included standard with all MS OSs(haha).

    Thanks again, I'll be sure to spread the word.

  • 2003/06/06 - Brian Hunt

    Your product is absolutely a life-saver. Iíve recovered several important files using the Defunct Volume search that I thought were lost for good. Even though I back up regularly, some time-sensitive files had not been backed up for about a week, putting me out of sync. Itís all good now.

    Iím now attempting to find the My Documents folder. Iíve already recommended File Scavenger to other people. Thanks for your good work.

  • 2003/06/04 - Jim McKeeth

    My hardware RAID 0 failed and Windows XP tried to fix it. I talked to all my technical associates and they agreed that I was in trouble and out of luck since RAID 0 has no redundancy. I talked to DriveSavers and OnTrack's data recovery and was quoted between $1000 and $11,000 after a non-refundable $100 evaluation. They said rebuilding a RAID 0 array is much more complex and expensive then normal recovery processes. I tried contacting the manufactures of my hardware and received no response.

    Finally a friend of mine pointed out your product that he found from a web search. I figured $40 was an affordable gamble since it was going to cost me $100 just to have someone else look at it. Glad I took this gamble because I hit the jackpot. I exchanged a few e-mails with support before I purchased the product, and they were answered quickly and accurately. I downloaded the Demo and was surprised to find the help very complete with exact step by step instructions on recovering from a hardware RAID 0 failure. I followed the instructions, using the default values for rebuilding the array and it quickly started finding files. I recovered a few small ones and they were fine so I purchased a license. Then I recovered some of the larger files, some of the more important ones and various spot checks. All were fine. It even restored the original file dates. I finally selected all the files and told it to start recovering. I'll check on it tomorrow.

    Not only did I save money but I also saved time. The turn around for DriveSavers was 5 days, but I could have gotten it in 3 if I paid for rush processing. Sure I spent my time setting up the restore process, but OnTrack actually has the user involved in their remote restore process - so my time would have been occupied with them as well. Plus I have the added bonus of controlling the restore process - selecting files to be restored and where they are restored too.

    I have used other recovery programs, and this is close to the easiest to use. It is definitely the most advanced. Almost takes the risk out of using RAID 0.

  • 2003/05/14 - Dale Archer - UK

    I don't know how I did it but I screwed up one of my disks and turned it into a RAW disk cotaining precious photos of my family etc.  I bought a licence today. I've got my pictures back after spending a week almost in tears. You've made me a very happy man and all for $40.  I can hardly believe my luck.

    The only way I can thank you is to tell all my friends about you and tell my enemies about Ontrack Easy Recovery!

  • 2003/05/12 - Matt Tokeru, London, UK

    Wow, no software this life-saving should be this easy to use! Brilliant stuff, I've managed to recover 100% of my 33gb of lost data. Having a h*ll of a time figuring out where to put it until I can reformat the drive (planning on buying my body weight in blank cd's tomorrow), but thats a thousand times more preferrable to having no data at all.

    Thanks again for a great program, $40 very well spent.

  • 2003/05/08 - Tina Aho - Aho Consulting Inc.

    Thank you, thank you and thank you! On Tuesday evening I experienced a fatal crash on my hard drive, rendering it inoperable. I attempted to view the drive through another computer but received the message "drive is corrupt". On Tuesday evening I downloaded your program and within ten hours of scanning the bad drive, I had full access to my files for selected recovery. The sorting ability allowed me to sort by date and recover only those files since my last full backup. The recovered files were segregated from my other files and kept the "tree" integrity for easy re-integration on the new hard drive. Great program.

  • 2003/05/06 - Paul Miller

    Thank you sir for your kind and patient assistance helping me learn the operations needed. The AVID Striped NT drives had just over 2000 files. Less than I thought because some of the files were 1GB to 2GB in size each. We decided to recover only the most recent project files. This amounted to about half the files and disk space. We transferred the drives and disk configuration to the AVID system upgraded to Windows 2000 and all is working well. Thank you again for the assistance in recovering our project.

  • 2003/04/26 - Ron Golden

    Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help. With File Scavenger I was able to recover the entire disk!

  • 2003/04/10 - MJ Hasbi - Graphic/GIS Design Consultant - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Dear Lords of the Data Retriever

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You . . . .

    You guys ARE the real Second Chance. You practically ended my four days of misery within minutes of downloading the demo. The feeling was just undescribeable when I saw the list of files that I thought I'd lost forever popped up on running File Scavenger in Volume defunct mode.

    Five months of graphic design and GIS work on a 2nd hard drive (80 gb Maxtor) 'lost' -- File Scavenger gave all of them back to me intact (FS2 listed over 200,000 files). Win XP recognized the NTFS drive only as a 10 mb empty FAT volume, another well-known hd software read it as an unused BAD volume. The list goes on and nothing close. File Scavenger 2 is KING.

    For those likewise others reading this, let me say that you are on the right track and go ahead. Thanks to those who wrote in earlier testimonials --you guys helped lift me from despair and gloom just by telling your experience.

    And Thanks a Million again Quetek.

  • 2003/04/09 - Matthew L Martin

    I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you File Scavenger utility.  I had a nasty situation arise when Partition Magic (normally a great program) trashed my hard drive by corrupting the partition data.  I thought everything was lost because, of course, I had neglected to back up some crucial documents. However, your program has brought me back from the verge of a nervous breakdown!!  I really cannot say enough good about your software and the $40 registration fee is nothing compared to the headache and heartache I have been spared.  Good work and I will definately recommend your software to anyone in distress!

  • 2003/04/01 - Anthony Ambrose

    Hello to the good folks at Quetek:

    I recently had the unfortunate luck of a corrupted drive. A 60GB Western Digital drive (NTFS) became the victim of corruption on my Windows XP machine. I had 11GB of data residing on the drive, 1.5GB of which was not backed up. After scouring the Internet, I came upon File Scavenger. Price-wise, FS was very competitive - some offerings cost as much as twice or even five times what you charge. I did come across a few other similarly priced offerings claiming to do the same job, none of which worked - they either refused to see my drive or froze when they tried to read it.

    Long story short, I tried your program this evening, and am in the process of recovering my data. It's looking to be going off without a hitch. The scan took under an hour and actual recovery took only a matter of minutes to retrieve the 1.5GB I had not backed up.

    I'll gladly vouch for your software if you'd like me to provide a testimonial.

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