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Messages 101 to 110

Code Description
DRC101E "The data already copied to the Destination does not match the data on the currently selected Source drive."

When you resume a disk copy operation, Disk Recoup™ compares a number of sectors on the Source and Destination that have already been copied. If the comparison is not successful (i.e., the data is not identical), at least one of the drives has been modified outside of Disk Recoup™. The data on the Source drive may have been changed due to hardware errors. The Destination may have been used as the target of another disk copy operation.

Sometimes this error is caused by an unreadable Source Drive and a reboot is required to clear this error condition.

DRC102E "Invalid license key."

The license key you typed in is incorrect. A license key is usable on a specific computer. To use the program on two computers, you need two licenses. You may be able to transfer a license from one computer to another. Visit our web site for more information.

DRC103E "Invalid filename."

The trace filename is incorrect. Use this command only if requested by our technical support staff.

DRC104E "Invalid sector range."

In the "Omit sectors" dialog, the "From" sector must be smaller than the "To" sector. Both sectors must be within the valid "Sector Range" displayed above these textboxes.

DRC105E "Invalid value."

The value you entered is either not a valid numeric value or is outside the valid range.

DRC106E "If the source is a logical drive letter, the destination must be a disk image file."

You cannot copy a logical drive to a physical disk. Such an operation is not meaningful.

DRC107E "<name 1> is in conflict with the existing file or folder <name 2>.
Please use another filename."

The name of the new disk image or session file you are creating causes a filename conflict. Disk Recoup™ uses the filename you specified as the base to generate other supporting filenames. If one of those filenames is already used, Disk Recoup™ will not proceed. You must choose a different name.

DRC108E "The filename is too long."

The filename is longer than the allowable maximum. Use a shorter name.

DRC109E "Unable to access system information
You must logon as a system administrator to run this program."

You must logon to Windows® using a user account with administrator privilege to run this program.

DRC110E "This program requires Windows® 2000, 2003, XP, 2008 or Vista."

Disk Recoup™ does not run on Windows NT®, Windows Me®, Windows 98® or Windows 95®.