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Messages 411 to 413

Code Description
DRC411W "The timeout value of one second may cause excessive disk timeout errors and may severely affect the operating system. This value should only be used if recommended by our technical support staff. Click Cancel to choose another value (recommended) or OK to proceed anyway (not recommended)."

Choosing this timeout value may cause excessive disk timeout errors. The source drive may go offline unexpectedly. Windows® may be severely affected. This value should only be used on a computer dedicated to this task. It may reduce in half the total time taken to copy a disk with many bad sectors and other severe but non-critical hardware faults.

DRC412W "<disk nnn> contains volume <ccc> and cannot be written over. Click OK to permanently delete the volume(s) and proceed with copying."

The destination drive contains active volumes. If you click OK Disk Recoup™ will delete all volumes on this drive and proceed with copying. Check again to make sure the destination drive is the intended drive.

DRC413W "Warning: The partition type 0x42 for dynamic disk was not copied to the destination."

Skip this data because it may raise a drive configuration conflict in Windows Vista or later.