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Step 1: Determine recoverability

Clone the original disks

After receiving the disks, we clone them onto our own storage. The original disks are put away for safekeeping. Data is recovered from the cloned disks.

Repair failed disks if necessary

A RAID failure may be preceded by a physical disk failure. A RAID 5 can be recovered with one failed disk and no repair may be necessary. Occasionally there are cases when a failed disk must be repaired, such as the following:
  • A RAID 0 with one failed disk.
  • A RAID 5 with two failed disks. In this case one disk must be repaired.
  • A RAID 5 with one failed disk and one corrupted disk. In this case the failed disk must be repaired because the corrupted disk is unusable
We will provide you with a separate quote for the repair which may involve our partners in severe cases. The repair fee is payable right after the repair is performed. If a disk has been successfully repaired but the RAID is not recoverable for other reasons, the repair fee is not refundable.

Analyze the data

We will analyze the data on the disks to determine if recovery is possible. The analysis takes from a few hours to a day, depending on the severity. If data is recoverable, we will proceed to the next stage. Otherwise all disks are sent back to you and the case is closed.