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Step 3: Accept our quote
Our fees are posted online. Occasionally a job may have complications that require additional work. In such case the fee may be slightly higher. For example:
  • If one disk is missing in a RAID 5 then the fee is increased by $100.
  • If a RAID has been rebuilt incorrectly then a special "filter" must be used to recover data and the fee is increased by $200. If the filter requires our developers to modify File Scavenger®, the additional fee can be higher, up to $500.
  • In some instances the disk configuration can be a RAID 0 over RAID 5 or a spanned volume over RAID 5. In such cases the job is really two jobs and will be priced accordingly.
We will perform a quick analysis to determine if data is recoverable. If not we will inform you and the case is closed. If data is recoverable we will determine if any additional charges apply and send you a final quote. If the quote is accepted we will proceed with the analysis. No payment is due yet at this stage.